7 Unexpected Uses for Baby Wipes

Parenting Tips: 7 Unexpected Uses for Baby Wipes

Being a parent is a whole new world of emotions & new experiences. From diaper changes, and sticky mouth & fingers to keeping your little ones' surroundings clean feels like a full-time job. But with just a single swipe of baby wipes, you can easily take control of your baby's hygiene in your hands. 

Let’s explore how you can use Cuddables natural wet wipes to make your parenting life easier and give your little one a happy and clean experience. 

How You Can Use Baby Wipes In Different Situations

  • Cleaning The Baby After Diaper Change
  • The intimate area of the baby is softer and sensitive than the whole body. Any harsh chemicals or scented wipes can cause harm or diaper rash. Thus, to avoid such situations, you can use Cuddables natural wet wipes to keep the area well hydrated and nourished.

    Our wipes are formulated with water & are dermatologist verified, So, while changing the diaper you can take one wipe and gently clean the area. It will keep your baby's skin moisturised & soothed.

  • Wiping Baby’s Face and Hands
  • Wet wipes are the best alternative for tissues or small cloth pieces. They are handy and do not need a single drop of water to clean the baby. You can easily use them to clean the baby's stick hand or mouth after feeding them. A single swipe can easily remove the food and keep your baby feeling and looking fresh. 

    Even when you are on a road trip, you can take our wipes pack & use them for quick cleanup too. You can use them to wipe away drool, spit-up, or dirt, without needing water or soap.

  • Good Alternative For Bathing
  • Nowadays, most paediatricians advise not to bathe your newborn for at least for the first 3 months as it will dry out their skin. So, you can use Cuddables wet wipes to give your baby a daily dose of cleaning and hydration. 

    Our wipes are free from harsh chemicals which makes them suitable for everyday use. You can easily wipe down the neck, underarms, and diaper area to keep your baby smelling fresh and feeling clean.

  • Cleaning Toys and Surfaces
  • Baby wet wipes can also be used to clean the toys or the surrounding area of the baby. It helps you in removing the dirt, items and dust which can cause problems for your baby. You can peacefully spend your time by ensuring that your baby won't catch any infection through those toys.

  • Cleaning Runny Nose
  • Babies' skin is sensitive and using tissues on them can cause redness and irritation. But our baby wipes are gentle on the skin around the nose. It can quickly wipe away the germs and reduce allergic reactions in just a few seconds.

  • Handling Spit-Ups and Messes
  • The most convenient way to get rid of any baby spit-ups is using baby wipes. Spill ups and spit-ups are very common to happen while feeding your baby. But, with our wipes, you don't have to worry as you can clean them anywhere anytime. 

  • Cleaning Baby’s Pacifier
  • In the 5-6 months when babies start teething, parents usually give them a teether. So if you are giving a pacifier or a teether to your baby make sure to properly clean them from time to time. Sometimes, it may lead to stomach infections in the babies. Else, you can clean them with our baby wet wipes if you do not have access to water. It can also minimize the risk of infections.  


    So now don't just stick to using baby wipes only after diaper changes. Make sure to utilise them more often and keep your baby feeling fresh, hydrated and nurtured all day long. 

    At Cuddables, we provide natural wet wipes which are specially prepared for the baby’s sensitive and gentle skin. You can get our trial pack and feel the difference in your baby’s skin yourself. 

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