Best Baby Lotion for Newborns

A Guide to Summer Skin Care and Best Baby Lotion for Newborns

Summer is not a very easy season to deal with when caring for your baby’s skin. The unbearable heat results in various skin & health issues for the baby. 

Your baby’s skin is very delicate and immature and does not have a good ability to deal with the temperature. This makes their bodies more sweatier than adults. Therefore, giving your newborn good summer skin with a natural baby moisturizer lotion is important.

In this blog, we will explore easy tips to keep your baby happy throughout the summer. We will also discuss a moisturizer that will act as magic on your baby's delicate skin.

How To Keep Your Baby Feel Good In Summer

Bathe Your Baby Properly

Babies can easily get sweat & dirt all over them in summer. So it is essential to bathe them properly during summertime. You can use a mild baby wash for their soft & gentle skin. Choosing a good baby wash can give your little one a good and bubbly bathing time. 

Keep Them Hydrated

Make sure that your baby is having sufficient liquid all over the day. The newborn can not be able to ask you for water or show you signs of being thirsty. So it is best to offer them proper fluids from time to time accordingly. Make Them Wear the Right Clothes

During summertime, it is very important to choose only light-fabric clothes for your baby. You can go for fabric like cotton or linen. These light fabrics can help your baby’s skin breathe. Also, don’t overdress your baby at night. You can opt for a romper suit in a soft material. This way, you can keep your baby comfortable and sweat-free.

Limit Their Sun Exposure

You should always avoid taking your baby in the sun exposure. You should try not to take your baby out when it is the peak hours as the sun can do maximum damage to your baby’s skin. However, if it is important to step out, then you should take some essentials with you. These essentials include:

  • Baby Wet Wipes
  • Baby Body Wash
  • Baby Lotion
  • Extra Diaper

 Explore The Best Baby Lotion For Newborn

    Cuddables provides natural & chemical-free baby moisturizer lotion for baby’s soft skin. This lotion is created with 100 % natural neem leaf extract & aloe Vera. Both products are good in giving moisture and keeping the baby’s skin hydrated. Due to these ingredients, the product is good for daily use and perfect for every skin type from dry to sensitive skin. Our lotion is also non-greasy. It does not leave any extra oil on the skin and gets easily absorbed in the skin. Our moisturizer is also pH balanced which helps in repairing your newborn’s delicate skin with prosper comfort.


    Keeping your baby hydrated in summer is very essential as their skin can easily catch any skin condition. With the above-mentioned guide and Cuddables baby moisturizer lotion, you can easily keep your baby hydrated and moisturized. Our lotion is packed with goodness of neem and aloe vera which is good for daily use. Treat your baby’s skin with the utmost care.

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