Soap Or Body Wash: What’s Better For Your Baby

Soap Or Body Wash: What’s Better For Your Baby

Choosing between soap or a body wash for a baby is an age-old debate that has divided new moms for years now. While some mothers prefer traditional soap bars, some mothers think that nourishing baby body wash is more suitable for their little ones.

But nowadays, body wash is winning the trust of new moms. The body wash is specially created with natural ingredients to provide good and soft skin to babies. They provide more benefits than soap bars.

In this blog, we will be going to discuss some reasons why it is good to prefer a body wash over a soap bar. Because, as a mom, you only want to give your child the best products and we are here to help you choose that.

Why To Choose A Baby Body Wash Over A Soap Bar

More Hygenic

Soap bars are there in the market from a very long time. But they are not the most hygienic option as per the preferences of people nowadays. These bars are openly exposed to the air. They can easily catch the bacteria which can later on directly transfer to your baby. Apart from this, soap bars are also very slippery. After a few washes, they tend to slip from the hand and catch dirt from all over.

But baby wash is created with proper packaging. It is untouched, and safely secured in 100 % non-toxic recyclable packing. You can easily get the body wash with one hand & clean your baby safely.

Full Body Hydration

Baby bar soaps are created with harmful chemicals. Their repeated washes can lead to dry & damaged skin. Not only this, but bar soaps also contain high-fragrance which is not good for newborn skin.

Whereas, body wash for babies is formulated with natural & moisturizing ingredients. These ingredients help in maintaining the pH level of the skin and provide smooth & delicate skin. ‘

No doubt soaps are also used to clean the skin. But they will only fulfill your need to wash away the dirt as their chemicals are too strong for the wellness of your baby’s delicate skin

Luxurious Foam

The baby wash is created with natural ingredients only. The ingredients keep your baby’s skin healthy and fresh by creating a mild foam. This foam is not harmful but it helps in cleaning your baby's delicate body.

Body wash helps in deep cleaning by reaching out to the place where a soap bar could be missed. The small bubbles created by foam also make your baby's bath time an amazing experience. It will leave your baby happy & excited.


With the above-discussed points, you can easily choose a better option between a soap bar & body wash to cleanse your baby’s skin. If you are still in doubt, you can try Cuddables Baby Body Wash. It is specially made up of natural ingredients like neem and aloe vera. It is good for every type of baby’s skin. Get it today and see the difference in your little one’s skin.

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