Since 2021 For Generations to Come

Prakriti Essentials LLP was established in 2021 with a vision to institute a deluxe-quality wellness and lifestyle brand. Prakriti forayed into the market with an ultra-premium childcare range and hopes to carve a permanent place in the hearts and shelves of our buyers! Prakriti Essentials, in its effort to develop a revolutionary, side-effect free range, embraces the properties and ancient wisdom of ayurveda with modern scientific and botanical research, while also taking into consideration the modern consumer’s needs.

Only natural ingredients

In developing our products, we use the best that ~ nature has ~ to offer and through the latest technology, transform it into luxurious formulas.

Why Cuddables?

Cuddables is not your regular baby care brand. It is a heartfelt endeavour to make your babies’ caregiving a wholesome and loving experience. It is purely exquisite, comfort-oriented and gentle. We have created each and every product from the perspective of a mother’s needs for her baby.

Each product is the result of extensive research and supreme, multi-level quality-checks; our consumers’ reviews are our cherished testimonies! Scientifically and ergonomically designed, each product imbues in itself the blessing of Mommy Nature as all ingredients are 100% natural, vegan and sustainable.